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There and Back Again

It's amazing what you can do with Blogger and a bit of HTML know-how! Having explored a number of PHP-based content management systems, I am now returning to the content management system that I've had the most fun with, namely Blogger. And since Blogger was purchased by Google, it has just been getting better and better. Now they have a WYSIWYG editor for those without HTML know-how, comments, permanent post-pages, nicer-looking templates, a prettier (and easier-to-use) user-interface, and, best of all, the financial and computational backing of Google: the search-engine giant whose clean lines and "Do not be evil" philosophy meshes wonderfully with Blogger's egalitarian and empowering "Push-button publishing for the masses" raîson d'être.

And so, I am a Blogger convert. Fully seven of my nine web-sites (yes, I know, they're not quite all listed - the "nine" includes this one and my private family site) are now "powered by Blogger", and one other site that I help maintain (www.archdiocese.ca) incorporates two more "blogs" with server-side-includes. My personal favourite is the St. Herman's site, which uses certain dedicated post pages as annotated collections of links to other post pages (as this site soon will), to help with categorization of content (check out the newsletter page for the best example of this, or, rather, what will be the best example as soon as I post some more newsletters)! Anyhow, enough technical trivia.

The original site is still up and running, and will continue to be (even if only as a musem piece!), even once I finish salvaging all the important content from it and posting it here. The latest Minerva-run version of the site is also still up and running, though it may come down once I've salvaged all the content from it. The forums are also still all there, and I intend to keep them going in one form or another - probably continuing with phpBB, if not with the phpBB-based Minerva. I hope you continue to enjoy the site as much as I do producing it. Look for more frequent updates now that I'm "blogging" again!



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