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Christian Fantasy
Essays and Stories

There are a lot of essays on and stories by the Christian fantasy authors listed in this site. Most may be found either directly or indirectly through the links associated with each author. But, of course, there’s always room for more.

In an attempt to contribute to both the body of Christian fantasy literature and the body of critical discourse about Christian fantasy literature available on the ’net, I propose to establish a small archive here containing Christian fantasy stories by amateur authors, as well as scholarly essays on Christian fantasy and/or Christian fantasy authors. So far I’ve only put up the ones most immediately available to me: my own, but if anyone else would like to ’net-publish their essay here, please drop me a line about it, or even the story or the essay itself.

WARNING: If I end up ’net-publishing your stuff, I will of course put in a copyright for you, but you should know that it’s awfully hard to keep track of anything published on the ’net. Net- browsers routinely copy net-content directly onto people’s hard- drives, and though the copied stuff is usually erased later, anybody who knows what they are doing can make his own copies of your stuff and even modify it. Copyright laws aren’t yet very clear on the legal ramifications of all this, and while you can probably prosecute any obvious copyright infringements (such as people taking your stuff and publishing it), with the web being as world- wide as it is, there’s a good chance you might not even find out that such infringements have been made. Essentially, for anything ’net- published, we are completely dependent upon the honesty (or at least the disinterest) of the net users “out there”. Thus, I accept no liability for anything ’net-published here, though I do promise to treat anything submitted to me with the respect and confidentiality (if necessary) it deserves.

Local Archives


Edward Hewlett
“Several Uses of Giants and The Giant Just out of the Way in the Works of Spenser, Bunyan, and Lewis”
“Endings and After: Death and the Re-evaluation of Myth in the Meta-narratives of The End of the World News and Out of the Silent Planet


Edward Hewlett
Fantastic Allsorts (a small anthology containing the following stories...)
I/O (Input/Output: A Fable)
Outside the Tank
G-E or g-e
The Young Man Who Wanted to Get Rich

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